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Steve & Ane Roth

Thank you for visiting PPC Handmade, a Paw Print Creations LLC company.

We are a small family business located in Mount Morris, a small town in Michigan.  We take pride in our handmade products.  Our soaps are made in small batches, and our wood craft and pet pampering products are made by hand.  We do not outsource our products.  They are all made with love right here in Michigan.

Our company name Paw Print Creations LLC has a funny story attached to it.  We have a cat that likes to be part of everything and she thinks she should put her input in as well.  She sure did one day.  We had just finished cutting the loaf of soap and the soap bars were still kind of soft.  She decided to jump up on the table and of course some of the soap bars fell over.

By the time we saw what had happen, it was too late.  She had already walked across the table and her little paws had made paw prints on a couple of the soap bars.  We had not decided on a company name yet at that time.  So, at that moment we decided on Paw Print Creations and we call our crazy cat our CEO lol.

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