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Handmade cedar wood soap dish

Wholesale News

We use our wholesale news post to inform our customers about new products or up coming changes.

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Want a soap dish that can hold several soaps or products?  Check out this 12″ long soap dish with drains.  Let us know if this would something you would be interested in ordering.

Handcrafted long wood soap dish

Handmade long soap dish with drains



Our right handed soap cutter is now available for purchase.  We are sorry for the delay.



If your looking to order a larger quantity of soap dishes including a quantity of 100, please send us an email and we will send you a quote.  If you approve, we will send you an invoice.   Our email address is  info@ppchandmade.com



Check out the beautiful grain in these ash soap dishes.  Look how the grain really comes out when they get oiled.

Handcrafted draining soap dishes ash wood Handmade draining soap dishes ash wood



Below is are photos to show the difference between natural wood soap dishes vs soap dishes coated with mineral oil.  In all the photos below the natural wood soap dish in on the left and the soap dish coated in mineral oil is on the right.  Top left in the first photo is ash, top right is birch, bottom left is maple, and bottom right is poplar.  Middle photo is of the square size and the wood is poplar.  The right photo is of the curvy style and also poplar wood.  Adding mineral oil to the soap dishes does change each wood type differently, some more than other.  For ash it really brings out the grain while for poplar it makes them darker.  All the wood does vary in color and grain, these are just examples.

Handmade soap dish saver tray natural mineral oil Handmade square larger soap dish saver tray natural mineral oil Img



Our almost of out birch wood and for now, will only use maple, ash and poplar for our mix wood.  Hopefully we will be able to find some more birch soon.  We will keep everyone updated on this page.



Our inventory of SOAP DISHES are currently low! We are working on adding inventory.  We will be updating the website when we have more soap dishes available for purchase.

For soap dish inquires, please send an email to info@ppchandmade.com



We are sorry to say that we had to add a fee to add mineral oil to the soap dishes due to the increased cost.  We are looking for a new supplier and will remove the cost or lower it if we can find a new one with lower cost.



Shipping of wholesale products:

We will need 14-21 business days from receiving of payment on larger quantity soap dish orders.  Depending on how large the quantity is and if each soap dish is being engraved, we might need more days than 14-21 business days. Also depending on what quantities we have available, we might be able to ship them sooner.

We will need 14-21 business days from receiving of payment on CUSTOM soap dish size and CUSTOM wood type soap dish orders.  Depending on what we have available in wood, we might be able to ship them sooner.

We charge a design fee for special custom soap dishes that we design based on customer request.  Also if this is for a wholesale order, we require a minimum order quantity which will be discussed based on each order.

We are not able to start working on custom or larger quantity order until we have received full payment.

PPC Handmade is a small business and we do our best to get your order completed and shipped as soon as possible.  All products are handmade and no mass production!

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