Soap Dish Disclaimer

By purchasing from our company website, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our soap dish disclaimer, and that you will use our products at your own risk. You acknowledge that you have read the description for the products that you are buying.

Each soap dish has been treated once with oil used for cutting boards. The oil will help protect them from water. Some companies recommend to oil cutting boards every month or when dry to touch. That pertains to cutting boards, so it’s the customer discretion to treat the soap dishes with more layers of oil.

Some of the earlier soap dishes might have had groves that are cut deeper than normal.  Water might make the wood warp due to the bottom being thinner.  If that happens, clean the soap dish really good and let it dry completely.  After it is completely dry, coat the soap dish with oil like cutting board oil.  The bottom on the soap dish will flatten out and you can use the soap dish like normal.  We apologize for this.  We have updated the process, and the groves are less deep and bottom is thicker. 

Some soap dishes might feel more oily than other soap dishes.  The oil will soap into the wood but it does take time.  If using the soap dishes in a cardboard insert, we recommend either ordering the soap dishes not coated in mineral oil or add shrink wrap the soap dishes since the oil can stain the cardboard.  We offer shrink wrapping each soap dish for a small fee.

The Cedar soap dishes can stain the soap or counter.  They also have the cedar aromatic scent to them. 

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