Wholesale Curvy Soap Dishes – Wood Soap Dish


Check out our double curvy soap dish made from beautiful Poplar wood.  Each dish measures about 2.7″ by 4″ by ¾” thick. 


Handmade curvy soap dishes – wood soap dish:

Our curvy soap dishes are made of 100% natural wood with beautiful wood grain and color. We hand sand all the edges on each soap dish, therefor creating a soft elegant look and feel.  Using a wood soap dish will also help your bar soap last longer due to the water draining off instead of the soap sitting in water making the soap dissolve.  The curvy soap dish is unique with 2 curvy sides in essence gives you the option to use both sides! Add wholesale soap dishes to sell with your soaps!

Wood color and grain can however vary from the photos. Check out the comparison photos of natural wood vs oiled.  We offer the option to coat each soap dish with mineral oil used for cutting boards which brings out the wood grain.  The oil does not waterproof them but ultimately bring out the beautiful wood grain.  Poplar wood varies in color for the most part from a lighter color to a darker green.  Colors can even include purple, blue, grey and even red.  Overall the colorful ones are harder to find.

Make your soap dishes unique and different or help them stand out by adding an engraving.  Add your logo or a simple phrase or wording.

Products made out of wood needs more maintenance when the product is in contact with water.  Click here for more information.

FREE SHIPPING!  Orders are packaged and shipped within 3-5 business days from receiving of payment.


Send us a message if you have a special request:

  • Order a sample for a small fee.
  • Order a larger quantity or custom soap dishes.
    • Click here for our requirements for all custom orders including larger quantities.


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