Resin Deep Soap Dish With Tray


Looking for a deeper soap dish for your soaps, shampoo bars or dish soaps?  Add this handmade resin deep soap dish to display your soaps on or sell with your soaps.  Each soap dish is made of 100 % resin and will hold the water instead of creating a wet counter which is great for the dish soap when doing dishes.  Great for dish soap, square soaps, larger soaps, block soaps, shampoo or conditioner bars, and much more!  Our Resin soap dish with a draining tray!

  • Contains 1 or 4 beautiful deep soap dishes with a tray in the below color
  • The the tray colors are Rosewood, Mudpie brown, Terracita, and Fiery Rust
  • The soap base is white
  • The tray is removable
  • All handmade and unique
  • The inside dimensions are about about 3.11” by 2.95” by 1″ tall


Orders are packaged and shipped within 3-5 business days from receiving of payment.




Handmade resin deep soap dish with a tray:

  • The outside dimensions are about 3.5” by 3.25” by 1.25” tall
  • The soap dish is made of 100 % resin.
  • Larger orders will contain multiple colors. Single soap dish order will have one color.
  • These handmade resin deeper soap dishes may all vary in color from the photos since they are not mass produced. Color is added in small batches so the color will vary from dish to dish or tray to tray.
  • Help your soap bar last longer by putting your soap on a soap dish. The water will drain off into the soap dish instead of the soap sitting in water which will make the soap dissolve.
  • Routine cleaning with gentle soap and warm water will help keep the resin soap dish beautiful for many years. Do not use the dish washer because the detergents are too abrasive. Do not to scrape or scrub because this will dull the surface of the resin.

Send us a message if you have a special request:

  • Larger orders
  • Other colors
  • Want to order a dish soap to go with the soap dish? We do not make the dish soap but we are working with another small business that does make them. We will send you the contact information.


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