Long Wood Soap Dish


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A draining soap dish that can hold multiple soap products! 

Handmade long soap dish for soap bars, a wood soap dish!

This is our Long soap dish comes with drains and it can hold multiple soap products!  Each long soap dish is hand sanded on all edges creating a soft elegant look and feel.  One soap dish that can hold a soap, shampoo bar and a condition bar, or maybe a couple of soap bars.  Many possibilities!  Help your soap bar last longer by putting your soap on a wood soap dish.

Our long soap dish is made out of ash or birch wood.  We apply mineral oil used for cutting boards to each soap dish which additionally brings out the wood grain.  The soap dish measures about 2.7” by 8” by ¾” thick.   

While a soap dish significantly extends the life of a handmade soap, did you know that it is possible to also extend the life of your handcrafted natural wood soap dishes.  Products made out of wood needs maintenance when the product is in contact with water.  Click here for more information.

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