New Products Announcements

Soft body butter handmade natural


Who doesn’t love smore’s around the campfire?  Check out our engraved marshmallow sticks with a few different bags.  Limited stock.

Handcafted smore personalized sticks for bonfire fun



Looking for a longer soap dish to hold more product?

Handmade wood soap dish for more products
Handmade wood soap dish for more products



We have made changes to our body butter formula.  The new one is thinner but works the same.  A little goes a long way.  These come in about 1.75 oz..

Handmade body butter lotion not greasy



Soon we will have cutting boards and hot pads for sale as well.  These are handmade out of different hard wood.  All unique!

Handmade wood hot pads



We are adding conditioner bars to our soap product line plus we also added some new soap scents.  Photos should be uploaded this weekend.  We hope you will check them out.

Handmade conditioner bar less scented made in usa



Check out our new Candy Cane Countdown! Several layers of wood and each layer is hand painted.  Fun for the kids and it can be used for many many years.

Christmas countdown candy cane holiday handmade wood



Yes we make soap dishes but check it out, they can be used for so many different things!  Here are a few examples.  Hold your pens or crafting tools on your desk.  Or why not use it to store or hold paint brushes while painting.  Best one is the phone, it holds most phones without a problem.  Our square soap dish will hold the phone standing up too.  Some also use it to hold smaller tools on their toolbox. The options are so many.  Get one or more and try it yourself!

Handcrafted soap dish wood hold pens craft tools Handmade soap dish holder for tools Handmade soap dish phone stand holder pen holder Handmade soap dish tool holder



The holiday is just around the corner! We have made the cutest snowman and snowman ornaments.  We are taking these to the holiday shows in December and they are also available online. 

Handmade birch snowman Handcrafted birch snowman oranment christmas tree



Cold season is here and the shower steamers are awesome to help when feeling under the weather.  Order yours here!

Handmade menthol shower steamers Peppermint lavender eucalyptus menthol shower steamers handmade in michigan



An awesome way to try out different scents plus they all come with one of our handmade soap dishes! Order yours here!

Handmade soap with soap dish Handmade soap with handamde soap dish



Check out the custom soap cutter that we made for a customer.  We will be adding this style of soap cutter and possible a loaf cutter, plus soap display this fall.

Custom soap cutter made in michigan Handmade soap slicer wood plastic



We are cutting back on soap products going forward.  If the market changes, we might be adding some back.  We will be running a sale next month on some products that we are discontinuing.  Below is a list of our goal:

  • We will be only be offering 10 different soap bars.
  • For the whipped soap, sugar scrubs and body butters, they will be made to order.
  • We will no longer offer the play dough kid soap.
  • We will no longer offer bath bombs and body sprays.
  • We will be doing same scents for body butter, sugar scrubs & whipped soaps (sticking to 5 scents) but we might be able to take special orders.

For small businesses to survive the current market, us the consumer has to shop local and shop small business! If we don’t they might not stay survive. 



We are adding a couple new masculine scents for our soap products.  They will be added soon.

We are also “cleaning up” how many products and scents that we are offering.



Handmade shampoo bars!!! No plastic bottle! These are awesome. More scents coming next month.

Hair shampoo made in michigan natural no pastic waste



Who loves body mist sprays with wonderful fragrances?  These will be added to our handmade soap line soon.

Handmade in michigan body mist spray



It’s summer so why not add some personalized engraved S’more sticks for the campfire! Great family time on a warm summer night. These will be added soon.  They come in a set of 4 sticks and 1 bag to hold them.  We will offer personalization too!

Marshmallow roasting sticks handmade engraved Life is better around the campfire marshmallow sticks smores



We are adding shampoo bars and lotion bars!  Conditioner bars will be added later on.  I hope you will check them out!



Check these out. Tried a different PLA and we love it!. Check out the details in the print.  We can also make them into color, how cool is that.  Amazing what a 3D printer can create in plastic!  Order a lithophane of your photo today! 

Photo night light made in michigan Lithophane color night light made in michigand printed night light handmade



Here we go!!! We are growing our small business and adding a different category than soaping. We are starting to make some accessories products for people who smoke! Its exciting and fun.  We are working on a couple more products right now and hope to announce them soon, but more will come soon!

Handmade wood weed marijuana doobie joint holder



Looking for a sign for 420? We have some to choose from and we also make custom signs.

I got problems and solutions wood carved sign made in michigan



Fun colorful kid play dough soap! Scented with either monkey fart, cotton candy or fruity rings.  Make bath time more fun for the little ones with play dough soap.

Handmade fun kid soap Handcrafted kid play dough soap



Who loves GNOMES?  We do so we made some gnome soaps!  They will be available for purchase on our website, My Thyme Boutique in Davison, and at Charli’s in Chesaning on 3/5/22.  We only have a few so pre order or don’t wait too long after 3/5/22.

Made in usa gnome soap handmade drain soap dish wood Made in michigan fun gnome soaps with handmade wood soap dish



It’s the season for shower steamers!!!  Order yours today!  We also sell them at Charli’s in Chesaning and My Thyme Boutique in Davison.  Perfect gift for valentines day!

Menthol crystal shower steamer valentines day Valentime shower steamer handmade



Shampoo bar or bath bomb presses! We make custom ones as well.

Handcrafted shampoo bar press Handcrafted macaron shampoo bar press



Check out our new resin soap dishes!!! These are going to one of our store locations.  Order your custom soap saver today!

Handmade soap dish from resin Handcrafted soap dish from resin Green white resin soap dish Colorful purple resin soap dish Made in usa soap dish resin colorful



We have added a deeper resin soap dish with a tray which works great for soaps, shampoo bars and dish soaps. Many colors to chose from for the tray. 

Soap dish colorful resin handmade Made in america soap dish from resin square Handmade square resin soap saver



We offer custom wholesale soap dishes.  Going forward we will start charging a design fee for all soap dishes that does NOT have our curvy style.  The fee will depend on the customer request and design details.

Due to cost of silicone, we are not able to offer mold/liners for our soap molds. 



It’s only the 8th and it has been a crazy busy month!  We have been making lots of sign to sell at the craft shows and a few other products.  The sigs were a big hit at the craft show last weekend so we are making more for the show on the 19th.  Come and see us!  As long as it doesn’t get too hot, we will bring our soaps as well.

I met a wonderful lady a couple of weeks ago.  She helped me set up a meeting with a little boutique in Chesaning yesterday.  She was interested in our soap dishes yay!!!  Well I found out that they don’t have any handmade soaps either.  The soap vender didn’t get back with them.  So the little soap dish meeting ended up being much more!  We are so excited!  We are now selling our soaps, soap dishes and 3D prints in this little shop in Chesaning called Charli’s Boutique.  We are so excited and can’t wait for people to be checking out our handmade soaps and soap dishes!



We are sorry to announce that we no longer are selling our products at Shopaholic in Grand Blanc.  Our products are still available at Half Mile Handmade in Bay City & Le Beaute in New Baltimore, and of course online.  We hope to find another local location to sell our products.

We also will be doing a couple craft shows this month:

  • 6/5/21  Art in the Park in Flushing (9am – 4pm)
  • 6/19/21  Michigan Sugar Festival in Sebewaing (12pm – 9pm)



Join our Facebook group for all updates, sales, fun tips and ideas, and much more!




More soaps coming soon!  These are scented with black raspberry vanilla & relaxation 🙂  All are also stamped with one our fun stamps.  Get your stamp today!

Handcrafted black raspberry vanilla soap bars Handmade relaxation scented soap bars



We are cutting back on the amount of different soaps that we carry going forward.  New soaps are coming 4/16/21!  We used some of the stamps that we make.  Check out our stamps!

Soap bar green coral color cherry blossom scented Handmade soap perfect man scented green teal Made in usa soap bars scented lavender



We have working on adding bath salts & bubble baths!!! Anyone loves baths? These are amazing.  Your skin feels so soft after a nice warm bath! We will have some awesome kids scented bubble baths too! All will be available by 4/5/21.



We have added soap stamps for all the zodiac signs!!!!  We offer them with and without a handle.  If you order 12 of the zodiac signs, one stamp will be is FREE!!!!

Sagittarius zodiac stamp for handmade soaps Capricorn zodiac stamp for handmade soaps Cancer zodiac stamp for handmade soaps Zodiac sign soap stamp handmade



Look at the beautiful rainbow colored poplar wood we found this weekend!  These are hard to find so we only be able to offer a few soap dishes!  We already have 2 orders to fill so only a few left!

Rainbow poplar wood Rainbow blue black gray purple red poplar wood Beautiful rainbow color wood Poplar wood rainbow color Purple rainbow wood



Add personalized soap dishes to your gift sets.  Get yours here.

Handmade engraved personalized soap dish wood wholesale



We are so excited to announce we have added a left handed soap cutter!!!! 

Handcrafted left handed soap cutter loaf Made in usa left hand soap cutter



To all our customers, due to increased shipping and product costs, we had to increase our prices some.  We hope this will be the only increase for a while.  We are sorry and hope you all understand.



Thank you to all our wonderful customers!  We can’t believe its been one year already since we started selling our wholesale soap dishes!  We have grown so much thanks to you all!  THANK YOU!!!!!

Ppchandmade wholesale soap sale



Check out these awesome purple poplar soap dishes!!!  Those are the best.

Handmade soap dish purple wood Handmade soap dish drains purple wood Handmade poplar purple wood Handcrafted soap tray purple wood



Check out our single wire soap cutter!  

Handmade soap cutter



Add your business name or message to your soap dish order! Make your soap dishes stand out from all the others.

Wholesale soap dish engraved Handmade mini soap dish engraved Handmade soap dish engraved name



Check out this soap stamp that we made from the customer’s logo.  Turned out great!!!

Soap stamp logo custom



We have some exciting news!!!  We are going to be selling lids for candles.  They are made of wood.  We will have a few different colors.  We will be adding a different style later on. 

Handmade lids for candles from dollar store



We will added another size option to our soap molds:

  • Long:  17″ L x 3.5″ W x 4″ H (holds approximately 95 ounces of oils and will make approximately 5.9 pounds of soap)



We have 3 wood mold sizes available:

  • Single:  10″ L x 3.5″ W x 3″ H (holds approximately 42 ounces of oils and will make approximately 3.6 pounds of soap)
  • Double: 10″ L x 7″ W x 3″ H (holds approximately 84 ounces of oils and will make approximately 7 pounds of soap)
  • Triple:    10″ L x 10.5″ W x 3″ H (holds approximately 126 ounces of oils and will make approximately 10.5 pounds of soap)



We love happy customers!!!  We made a custom wood mold to fit a specific silicone insert.  We are always nervous if the customer will be happy with the product or if it will fit.  And she made our day!  She loves the mold ❤️ and look at the beautiful soap she made in the mold ❤️

Handmade wood soap mold custom made Handmade wood custom soap mold with soap



Check out our beautiful colorful swirly soap made in our tall wood soap mold!  Love the colors and how unique the tall soap mold makes the soaps.  Soaps will be ready for sale on 8/3/20.  Only a few will be available.

Natural soap scented lilac black rapberry vanilla Handcrafted tall soap natural Swirly handmade natural soap Handcrafted wood soap mold



We are excited to announce that we will be adding SOAP STAMPS to our product line very soon!!!!



Adding more signs to our store!  We now make custom dog leash signs and laundry “finders keepers” signs.  More is coming very soon.  Keep checking this blog or sign up for our newsletter!

Laundry finders keepers change jar sign Puppy leash holder sign Puppy leash treat bag holder sign



A new great product has been added for anyone making soap!  A handmade soap mold made from pine wood with a lid and a slide out bottom tray for easy soap removal.  We have started with a few sizes and are adding more, one will be a slab mold.  We are able to do custom sizes.  Send us a message with size and we can figure out the price from there. I call this one our “baby mold”, it is so cute ☺️

Handmade soap mold



We are so excited about our a new soap that we will be launching for 4th of July!!!  It is another soap for guys and it smells amazing.  We also have another Berry Vanilla soap coming in red, white & blue colors in honors of 4th of July.  

Soap bar natural handmade for men Handmade soap perfect guy scented Handmade soap gift holidays vanilla scentede Handmade soap for th july colorful



Looking for wood soap molds for your beautiful handmade soaps?  We offer a few sizes.  If these don’t work for you, send us a message and we can see what we can do for you about a custom size soap mold.  Check them out under Soaping Supplies!

We are also working on a special Camper sign!

Handmade happy camper carved sign



Have you seen our wood carving of Sand Point (Caseville, Michigan)?  A great addition to your lake house, home, cabin or camper.  Also offer a name plaque to go with it.  Take a look!



Since our Goats milk soap is so popular, we have added a few more scents.  The new scents are Black Raspberry Vanilla, Sandalwood and Cinnamon.  We still offer Lavender, Scent Free and Oatmeal Milk & Honey.  



Great unique welcome sign in the shape of Sand Point, Michigan!  Looking for a handmade wood carved sign in the shape of Sand Point?  We got one.  Great sign to add to your mail box or front yard.

Handmade handcrafted sand point michigan sign with name plaque



Our perfect SOAPAHOLIC soap!  The colors are perfect and the scent is amazing.  This one will be ready in 6 weeks!  Can’t wait!  Order yours today.

Handmade soap cherry blossom soapaholic Handmade soap cherry blossom shopaholic



Looking for a wholesale smaller soap dish for your smaller size soaps?  We have added another soap dish to wholesale and single purchase.  This one comes in poplar, birch, hickory and ash.  Cute little soap dish for a great price!  Check them out here!

Wholesale wood travel size soap dish ash



Lets celebrate that Spring is almost here!  We have made a few new soaps that are ready and will sold at Shopaholic in Grand Blanc!  Below are two of them.  One is scented with blueberry and lavender, and the other is scented with sandalwood and oatmeal & honey.  Check them out at Shopaholic!  We hope enjoy the scent as much as we do 🙂

Handmade soap sandalwood oatmeal honey scented Handmade soap blueberry lavender scented



Check out this beautiful handmade soap infused with calendula! Smells so good! Looks like liquid gold! Hands feels so soft after using it.



We are now selling our wood soap dishes wholesale!!!  They are still available for single purchase as well.  We offer 5 different types of wood; aspen, birch, oak, hickory and poplar.  They all have drain holes so no water will be “sitting” on the soap dish!  We also protect them with oil used on cutting boards to help protect it from water and extend the life of the soap dish.  Check out our wholesale soap dishes here!


11/24/2019our little reindeer was on the news!!!!

My wonderful friend Rachelle, owner of Shopaholic in Grand Blanc did this wonderful interview with NBC/CW regarding small business Saturday. Look at all the products she sells at her store including our birch reindeer and our handmade soaps ❤️  Click her to watch the interview!



Check out the post which lists our upcoming craft shows.  Next one that we are going to be at is in Saginaw on Saturday October 26th.  Come out and see us and get a great deal on soaps and other holiday crafts!



We do have a couple new soaps in stock as of today; Our Vibrant Cherry Blossom soap that is scented with Cherry Blossom fragrance oil and our Tinker Blush soap that is scented with lilac and black raspberry vanilla.  Both soaps smells amazing and the colors are bright!

Handcrafted Soap Bar Fresh Warm Floral Scent Lilac and Vanilla Handcrafted cherry blossom soap bar



Holiday seasons are just around the corner.  Looking for some handmade soaps with Christmas scents or for Christmas gifts?  We have them.  Soon we will have a few for sale on the website and in the stores.  We can’t wait to show you all the wonderful soaps we have created.

Below is our new liquid gel hand soap scented with peppermint.  We have added a few Christmas scents options for liquid soap!

Peppermint Scented Liquid Soap



Two new soaps added to stock!!!  “Summer Breeze” is scented with both Aqua Di Gio & Amethyst, a great scent combination and great soap for both guys and girls!  “Sweet Patch” has several scents; Lavender, Patchouli & Lemongrass.  The soap looks so colorful and smells so sweet!!!  This soap is more favored by girls.

Handcrafted Bar Soap Amethy Aqua Di Gio Scented Handcrafted Bar Soap with Patchouli and Lemongrass and Charcoal



Buy 4 soaps and get a FREE SOAP DISH – no coupon needed (soap in picture is not included).  We sell the soap dish for $6.95 so it is a great deal!!!  We will include the soap dish with any order of 4 soaps or more.  Our soaps fit perfectly on the soap dish!

Wholesale soap dish



Check out this charcoal soap that will be ready at end of this month. Love the black, gray and white swirls!

Handmade Tea Tree Soap Bar



Our goat milk soap is now for sale online and at Shopaholic in Grand Blanc.  Check them out.  Beautiful colors with warm scents!

Scent Free Handmade Goats Milk Soap



We have been working hard and making several new soaps.  Our goat milk soap will be ready for sale online and at Shopaholic in Grand Blanc (Genesee County, Michigan) next week.  We have a couple different scents and unscented.  The scents are Lavender and Oatmeal milk & honey.  They all smell amazing.  Great soap for sensitive skin since it’s made with goats milk.  No color has been added, the color comes from the oils and the milk.

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  1. I love your soaps!! Smell amazing and the lifelike fish thanks for kids is amazing!! My grandson loves them!
    Makes a great gift and it’s made in Michigan!! Even better!!!

    If your looking for a great Christmas/ Birthday present for a toddler or yourself! Call Ane!! She and her hubby will take great care of you! Try the soaps!!

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