Lithophane Disclaimer

By purchasing from our company website, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Lithophane disclaimer, and that you will use our products at your own risk. You acknowledge that you have read the description for the products that you are buying.

Put a light behind the Lithophane and a monochromic image will show through the plastic.  A Lithophane is a three-dimensional image.  Only use a small low watt LED light (4-7 watt for smaller lithophanes).   Higher wattage bulbs may damage the Lithophane.  We recommend Candelabra LED low wattage light bulb if using a light bulb.

Lithophanes should not be submersed in water or cleaned in dishwasher.  A Lithophane can be washed lightly with warm soapy water.  DO NOT use hot water or chemical cleaners as they can damage the Lithophane.  Let the Lithophane air dry.

Lithophanes does not stand up in heat well and should be kept inside. Also keep lithophanes out of hash weather.


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