Custom Soap Molds


Check out the custom 30 lb soap mold that we made for a customer.  Everything comes a part for easy removal.  Comes with 2 dividers and a lid.  We do request a minimum of 2 weeks for custom soap mold orders due to the time it takes to make them.



We have 2 different mold sizes listed for sale.  Both has one or two dividers for the ability to make one, two or three different soaps in ONE mold.  Check them out!  These are ready to be shipped.



We make soap mold templates for our molds.  If you received one and do not know how to use one, watch the video below to learn how to use it.  Please let us know if you have any questions about the template.



We made a custom soap mold with dividers.  These dividers are made of wood but we are looking into make the dividers out of some type of plastic in near future.  Mold has removable bottom and lid to keep the soap insulated.



Another beautiful custom soap mold for one of our great customers.  This is her second custom mold.



We made a custom soap mold for one of our customers that was looking for a long loaf mold that could hold 12 lbs of soap.  She was looking for a specific height and width, and wanted the mold to hold 33-40 bars and some extra room for taller soaps.  The mold’s inside dimensions are 33″ L x 3″ W x 4.5″ H 🥰 🧼  These are long and heavy duty!



We love happy customers!!!  We made a custom wood mold to fit a specific silicone insert.  We are always nervous if the customer will be happy with the product or if it will fit.  And she made our day!  She loves the mold ❤️ and look at the beautiful soap she made in the mold ❤️


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